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MMJ Doctor Appointments

At Colorado Medical Doctors we have staff members on site at each of our seven locations to prepare and notarize all of the required Medical Marijuana Registry paperwork on the spot. There are medical marijuana doctors located at each of our seven registration offices to write recommendations for marijuana on weekdays, weekends, and weeknights.  The process is quick and painless with the direction of our well-seasoned staff and experienced physicians.  

Each of our participating pysicians specialize in recommending marijuana as medicine. Call one of our open minded physicians and set an appointment to get a medical marijuana card today! 303-415-2048!

Did You know:

Doctors may recommend marijuana but they may not prescribe medical marijuana. Please see the information listed below regarding what doctors may or may not do under state and federal medical marijuana laws.

Doctors Can:

  • Discuss, fully and candidly, the risks and benefits of medical marijuana with patients.
  • Recommend, in accordance with their medical judgment, marijuana for patient use.
  • Record in their patients charts discussions about and recommendations of medical marijuana.
  • Sign a government form or otherwise inform state or local officials that they have recommended medical marijuana for particular patients.
  • Testify in court or through written declaration about recommending medical marijuana for a certain patient.
  • Educate themselves about the medical benefits of marijuana, its various clinical applications and different routes of ingestion.

Doctors Cannot:
  • Prescribe medical marijuana. This includes writing a recommendation on a Rx form.
  • Assist patients in obtaining marijuana. This includes providing information to patients about dispensaries, compassion clubs, or how to grow or otherwise acquire marijuana.
  • Cultivate or possess marijuana for patient use.
  • Physically assist patients in using marijuana.
  • Recommend marijuana without a justifiable medical cause.
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